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UV-C radiation and ozone

Our devices are based on germicidal radiation technologies in the UV-C spectrum and with ozone generators working on the principles of corona discharges, or with their hybrid combination.

The above-mentioned technologies destroy microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores) from the air as well as from surfaces.

While using hybrid systems i.e., combination of both technologies, the disinfection is executed in entire areas, even in shaded places.

Germicidal UV-C radiation and ozone are significantly more effective than conventional alcohol or chlorine disinfectants.

The carrier of genetic information in microorganisms is DNA or RNA, which are highly sensitive to UV-C radiation or ozone.

When UV-C radiation or ozone molecules hit the surface of microorganism body, DNA and RNA strand breaks by interfering the genome integrity, and the microorganism is eliminated.

The main advantage of UV-C radiation is its high rate of destruction of all microorganisms in very short time (up to few minutes). The drawback are the areas in shadows, where the radiation light beam does not reach.

Ozone is a gas, which reaches all surfaces, corners of the space, under the furniture, even fabrics, air conditioning, carpets and thus ensures 99.9999% elimination of microorganisms in the space. The disadvantage of ozone disinfection is the time required for the process, which is approximately 2 hours.

GRIZZLY Products

Our devices are made of high-quality materials and use the latest technology and software, which assures the efficiency is up to 99.9999%.

The GRIZZLY devices are among the most effective on the market and are increasingly in demand in hospitals around the world. The Ministry of Defense also uses our devices for crisis staffs and the armed forces. Company GRIZZLY and its devices are accepted by NATO alliance.

The main advantage is, that the devices are based on non-chemical processes and operating costs are significantly decreased. When purchasing the device, it is a one-time investment, there is no need to purchase any additional active agents or substances. Maintenance includes only the replacement of UVC bulbs after 9,000 hours of illumination.
As both technologies use physical and chemical laws of nature, they are environmentaly friendly and sustainable. 

Our devices are developed and manufactured with emphases to meet the strictest European standards and pass demanding accredited efficiency tests at 99.9999%.