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Disinfection box G-BOX (size M)

This is a small compact device intended for fast and effective disinfection of various small objects.
Build in ozone generator with production 20.000mg /h and auxiliary fan ensure reliable disinfection.
Viruses die at value 5ppm (5 particles per million), this device generates 6.000PPM in 60 seconds.
The operation of the miniBOX is extremely easy, when you open the top lit and insert object intended for disinfection,
simply press start button. The disinfection will stop automatically after 60 seconds.
The object will be ready for usage after the short ventilation.
Device is ideal for disinfection: face masks, respirators, coveralls, documents, money, food, textiles and many others.



Technical parameters:

Dimensions in mm:  400x300x170
Production material: PVC
Power supply: 230V / 50 Hz
Control: manual (one button)



Manuál na použitie Dezinfekčný miniBOX

Declaration of conformity

Bezpečnostný list pre OZÓN